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You're good at your business, but for some reason your marketing efforts tend to be a drag rather than a competitive advantage.  That's where Seed Marketing comes in - we're the all-purpose fertilizer that will kick-start your marketing efforts and propel you forward.

Seed Marketing provides marketing expertise to businesses that are ready to reach the next level.  Whether your needs are long term and operational or short term strategic projects, we will help you maximize your profit and wisely allocate your marketing dollar.

There are plenty of marketing firms out there, but few take the time to learn your business from the ground-up.  We use a holistic approach and first understand your specific strengths, challenges and opportunities and then we throw in creativity and innovation for a custom plan that leads to measurable growth.  We know your business doesn't fit into a box, our marketing doesn't either.

Get ready to grow.

Client Spotlight

Tumbleweed Bead Co.

The goal of expanding sales nationally and internationally led to a strategic marketing campaign and re-brand.
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